The Eternal City truly is mindblowing, with thousands of years of history piled on top of eachother. Remains of the heighdays of the Roman Empire stand among Christian churches, medieval citywalls, renaissance palazzi and baroque fountains. The former Caput Mundi still has the world to offer for those in search of history, style and the Dolce Vita.


Sistine Chapel

Dolce Vita Gallery

Did you know...

…that the arena of the Colosseum was not only used for gladiators fighting eachother or wild animals, but also flooded for recreating naval battles?

…that the legendary Roman film studio Cinecittà was founded in 1937 by Benito Mussolini for propaganda purposes?

…that the most famous drink in Rome is Frascati wine? For more than 2000 years, this wine is produced in the surrounding countryside of the city.

…that one of the most traumatic events in the city’s history was the Sack of Rome by the armies of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in 1527? In a week of raging fury, thousands of churches and houses were destroyed and countless people murdered.

…that the most famous lovestory from Ancient Rome is the one between Marcus Antonius and Cleopatra? Apparently, she was also the mistress of Julius Caesar, Marcus’ predecessor.

Best views

From Michelangelo’s cupola of Saint Peter’s Cathedral, from the Pincio Parc, from the Colosseum, from the top of the Spanish Steps

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